Frequently Asked Questions artificial plants, palm trees, cactus, Bonsai, flowers, vines, ficus, and ferns!


Q: Are the decorative planters pictured included with the plant?

A: No, not unless indicated. Most of the "Table Top" items include decorative pots, though.


Q: Do you carry any plants that need very low light or very little water?

A: Yes, all of them. We only sell artificial plants.


Q: Can I use your artificial plants outdoors?

A: Yes and No. We offer UV protected plants designed specifically for "Outdoor Use". They will not fade or deteriorate for well over 10 years and don't need to be sheltered or moved inside in inclement weather, nor shielded from direct sunlight. They are sold ONLY  in the "Outdoor Section" . You may use our indoor plants outdoors, however they may fade and weather after a few years, depending on the elements they are exposed to. However, if you only need your plants for a couple of years, they are less expensive.


Q: Do you carry different plants other than are shown on the website?

A: Yes, we have a few, but we try to list everything, email or call if you don't see what you need. In addition, we can custom make just about any size Palm Tree, Flowering Tree, Topiary or Ficus Tree. Send us an email with your request or give us a call  210-877-1872


Q: Can you send me a paper catalog?

A: No, we only offer our catalog online to keep our prices low.


Q: What is "potted in plaster", a "potting kit", or a "weighted base"?

A: If you chose to have your item with the optional "potted in plaster", we will stand/mount it in a paper mache' pot and fill it with plaster. This can be set into your decorative pot and covered with moss, bark, dirt, sand, or rock.

A potting kit is usually offered with all our cacti. UPS/FedEx has a tendency to damage the cactus during shipment if we pot cactus in plaster before shipment, so we only ship them with a kit. The kit includes a bag of dry plaster and a paper-mache' pot. Just add a little water until thick, pour into the pot, and stand the plant in the mixture until it sets (about 5 minutes).

Some items come with a weighted base included in the price, it's the same as "potted in plaster". These items are not available "bare stem".


Q: Where are you located, and do you have a showroom?

A: We manage this website out of San Antonio, TX, and we usually ship out of Cleveland, Ohio. Our manufacturer has showrooms in Cleveland, OH., Atlanta, and at the World Trade Center in Dallas, TX. Drop us a line for the exact addresses if you would like to see their handy-work.


Q: Do offer any discounts?

A: Well of course! Just ask. Most discounts are available on large orders and orders of 2, 4, 6,  or more of the same item. We will ALWAYS work with you to give the best price possible!

Q: Do you match other website prices?

A: Well of course, if possible! Just let us know. If you find the same item elsewhere, you'll probably find it for a higher price, but they'll offer free shipping. Let's face it. Nothing is free. They are absorbing freight costs with higher plant prices. We keep our plant prices less than 20% over our cost, for every item. This means that an item we sell for $50 costs us $40. And you pay only the freight to ship your order.


Q: I've ordered some plants and they are in my shopping cart, however your website won't let me check out, why?

A: If there is NO checkout button under the items in your shopping cart, it is because your order is under our minimum of $130. Hey, we don't like it either, but the big boss makes the rules.


Q: May I return the plants if I don't like them?

A: Yes. Please read our return policy.