Ordering Help and Tips

shopfoliage.com artificial plants, palm trees, cactus, Bonsai, flowers, vines, ficus, and ferns!


TIP #1: Click "SEARCH" on the left side of any page (below "PRODUCTS") or at the top right of each page.

This will bring up the search products page. Type in the name or type of plant in the "search for" box. It can be as simple as typing in the word "yellow". The search results will show every item we offer with the word "yellow" in it's description!

TIP#2: Click on "PRODUCTS". You'll see a page with all the plant categories. Select any category. At the top left of each category page, click the drop-down menu to sort by price, name, or ID.

Note: If you would like to sort the entire website, click on Home >> All Products at the top of the "PRODUCTS" page.